About Jordan Rodebeck

Jordan Rodebeck is a very interesting person. It was awesome getting to know her and we found out that we have a lot in common!

She is from Dayton and comes from a big family. She has two French bulldogs and is one of six children! She is the third kid, right in the middle, and three happens to be her lucky number. Even though Jordan is her name, she is not sure of it is the right one for her. Nerves prevent her from changing it. Her middle name is Ainsley and she’s always wanted to change her first name to her middle name.

Fine Arts is her major and she is thinking about transferring to Art Education. In high school she was in theatre and depending on her mood, that is how she decides her favorite color. Her previous job was being a nanny and she really enjoyed it. She was a nanny of a 5th and 3rd grader. Painting is one of her hobbies and She is an outgoing person.

Jordan lives on campus. Her birthday is March 21st. She has two different colored eyes, which I think is quite awesome, one hazel and one brown. She considers herself an introvert even though she is social.

This girl loves Disney and her favorite princess is Ariel. For graduation, her friends got her Disney everything! (As in plates, sippy cups, and a bunch of other things) She is a big fan Of Justin Bieber and an even bigger fan of One Direction. I am very happy to have met another “Belieber”, which is what fans of Justin Bieber are called. She also loves rap music and all different music. Fall is her favorite season. It just so happens to be right around the corner which means boots, scarves, leggings, sweaters, and cool weather. She couldn’t be more excited for this.

I am really glad that I got paired up with Jordan. We have several classes together and became friends right away. We are so much alike! I hope to get to know her more this year.


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