Ideas for the human element project

20130913-173114.jpg The dark space on the inside of the shoes?

20130913-173242.jpg This has several “contained” circles.

20130913-173407.jpg Red Solo Cup! White circles.

20130913-173522.jpg Black marker caps look kind of cool…

20130913-173621.jpg I know they aren’t black or white, but we can make the picture black and white.

20130913-173857.jpg Sunglasses?

20130913-173950.jpg Also make this black and white.
Tell me what you guys think! I also think we could wear black gloves and make circles with our hands or we could wear the sunglasses and use our hair to connect with each other’s to form a circle. The circle with our hair can “contain” the circles our sunglasses will make. (This is kind of hard to explain)


One comment

  1. Ou thought of a lot of things I didnt think of, Looks good to me!

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