Photo Essay

One thing I think goes unnoticed by college students are the sculptures around campus. I am one of the many who walk by and don’t notice them at all. I did happen to start noticing them last week. Some of them are really quite neat. They are all so unique and different! Many of them are hidden so you have to look for them. I walk past some of them everyday and I just realized they were there. I enjoyed looking for 10 of them on campus. Try to look for some when you are walking around.

20130919-151854.jpg This is near McGilvrey Hall..

20130919-152016.jpg This is behind Kent Hall.

20130919-152151.jpg These are next to Kent Hall on a hill.

20130919-152332.jpg This is next to the Art Building.

20130919-152522.jpg This is also by next to the are building.

20130919-152650.jpg This is in front of the art building.

20130919-152821.jpg This is by Bowman.

20130919-152956.jpg This is by the Schwartz Center.

20130919-153156.jpg This is inside the Art Building.

20130919-153301.jpg This is in front of the library.


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