5 Sketches

Curled Raven Holton, Domestic Bliss

Curlew Raven Holton, Keeping her in line

Francine Kay Affourtit, Totem, woodcuts mounted on canvas

Veronica Ceci, Augmented Realities, monotypes from a relief matrix

Veronica Ceci, AugmentedRealities, monotypes from a relief matrix




  1. Mark Schatz

    Reblogged this on FYE with Mark Schatz and commented:
    These are thoughtful sketches by Nicole, real studies, of the work in the main gallery. This takes time, but exploring something at depth means that your brain and your hand remember tiny details, relationships, and patterns that emerge across the images. Those bits and pieces become ammunition when you set out to create your own next work. Arm yourself. Soak up every image you can and you will never wonder what to do or how to do it. Your imagination will be bursting with ideas and your hand will know just what to do first.

  2. These did take a LOT of time. Also, a LOT of people stared at me…. I wanted to get all of the important detail in each drawing though. We’ll just pretend that they were staring because they were jealous.

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