What is art?

To me, art is expressing emotion or expressing feeling/ yourself. You don’t always have to be creative when making art. Sometimes, less is more. Other times, detail is perfection. There aren’t any “rules” when talking about art as a whole. Where are rules when talking about specific types of art. In most cases, you just do it.

Art plays a huge role in my discipline. My interdisciplinary is drawing and painting. Art is obviously going to have a huge role. In this discipline, almost all of the art classes are hands on and fewer lecture classes. In other disciplines, there are less hands on art classes and more lecture classes.

To know what art is, you need to understand it and how to identify it. For me, art is hard to identify sometimes because I don’t always agree with it or fully understand it. To try to figure it out, I open my mind to different questions and different perspectives. I also try to think about what that artist thinking.


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