3D Project: Fancy Living in the Fishbowl

This project took a lot of time out if me. My modules weren’t hard to make, but I had hundreds of them and they took a lot of time to put together. I think that I have two strong compositions who are totally opposite of the other. The purple composition is very edgy and fierce. The module is faced outward to capture your attention to the points. It is round and dense. The black composition is much longer and softer. It almost looks like a stuffers animal because if its roundedness. Believe it or not, I used the same module! I jest turned the module inwards so you can’t see the pointy end anymore. This composition is personally my favorite. I pointed the spotlight directly on top of my compositions because the shadows bring a sense of depth to them. It looks neat with the brightness on the top and the darkness on the bottom. M My compositions look so fancy in their little pedestal and in the fishbowl!





Cydney really liked my project:)




One comment

  1. lstaats2

    Your project turned out fantastic because of the fact that even though these are made from the same module, they look nothing alike, the purple composition really has a ton of energy and it feels very angry kind of. The black composition feels much softer and not nearly as hectic. Overall I think that you really accomplished the goal of this assignment well!

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