My word was safe. I had no idea what to do at first. I looked up the definition so I could have a starting point. Safe meant feeling contained and enclosed. I started to make my cup. I wanted to put a lid on it so it would feel “contained”. Then I thought of cups that are safe. Normal cups aren’t very safe because they have open tops and no handles. Mugs aren’t very safe either, even though they have a handle. Then I had the brilliant idea of a sippy cup! They have lids, a small opening in the lid, two handles, and they aren’t too tall or too wide.

Now that my cup is finished, I think that my solution seemed to act out the word like a little character. When everyone was trying to guess the word, they were saying “cute, small, tiny, clean, shy”. They pretty much guessed it. My cup definitely acts safe, along with those other words.


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