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The module I used for both compositions. It doesn’t look like the same module, but that is because I turned the one outwards, and the one inwards.

The following pictures show my module taking on different forms during experimentation. I really liked what I came up with but there was too much going on. I used five different modules. There was too much for the eye to handle.




Some physical and visual characteristics of my module are simplistic because it is a loop of paper; rounded because of its looped area; pointy because of where its edges are glued together; smooth because of the rounded area; sharp because of its pointed edges; and angular because of its two edges. The dominant characteristic of my black composition is calm. The rounded area of the modules are faced out, showing a soft, plush-like side. There are no edges in this composition so you can feel at ease when you are near it. The modules aren’t tightly packed together and it feels very loose because it is long. The dominant characteristic of my purple composition is fierce. Every inch of this composition is covered in points, edges, and angles. There is nothing soothing about this! The modules are tightly packed together so it feels very dense. It is also tangles into a ball, which feels dense too. This fierce ball is solid and has a tense look to it. I think that I created two very strong compositions. This project was extremely time consuming but I did enjoy it. I liked having the freedom to pick the module that I wanted to. I got to be independently creative and do what I wanted to.


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