1 to 1 (wip)

The object I picked was a shoe. This shoe is an old tennis shoe that has seen better days. It is worn, torn, slumpy, lazy and old looking. Because we have to make our cardboard version exactly like the original object, I plan on giving the cardboard version the same characteristics. It is going to look very lazy and worn. The challenges are going to be giving the cardboard an old feel to it and giving it several different textures. Another problem is capturing all of the detail. I picked a very difficult object… My strategy is to bend the cardboard different ways to make it look worn. I’m going to let the shoelaces feel wavy and bendable. The texture will be in several different places so it will look more complete. I don’t have to be too precise because I want it to look worn. This is going to be very difficult but I’m up for the challenge.




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