Drawing (midterm) Critique #5

Today’s critique was quite intense today. Because it was our midterm, everyone really stepped up their game. We were supposed to do a drawing of a room in two- point perspective, still using contour line organizational line, and sighting and measuring. A big part to this drawing was to have it looking through a doorway or window into another room. There were so many creative ideas! Someone’s drawing was looking into a kitchen and then looking out of a window. Another drawing was looking into a laundry room. Almost everyone followed the directions.
My drawing was a drawing of a living room. There was a doorway leading into a stairwell, leading into a hallway, and the main hallway led to a dining room. I tried to pick a challenging subject. I believe I did because I ended up struggling with several parts of it. During the critique, people pointed out that my rug and table were really out of proportion. Until they pointed it out, I did not see it at all. Just like last time, I did not step away from my drawing to look at it from afar. From now on, I will definitely step away to make sure that my objects are in proportion and in perspective. Hopefully I can improve next week.


One comment

  1. kortneyniewierski

    I can tell that you tried to challenge yourself with your midterm drawing. The space you chose had a lot of depth to it. Definitely step back from your drawing or look at it after a few hours away from it – you will be amazed at what stands out!

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