Student Success Series

I signed up for a “commuter” student success series. Being a commuter has its ups and its downs. The down part is that it is difficult to get involved and to feel welcome. I expected that there would be a big group of awkward commuters who we going to be lectured. I also expected it to be two of the worst hours of my life.
Oddly enough, it was really fun! Since it was homecoming weekend, we made crafts! That is all we did. For two hours. Crafts. It was so awesome! (I like crafts, and I am an art student.) (perfect match) I was very surprised that there was not a long, drawn out lecture and an extremely boring power point. Thankfully I was wrong about my assumptions. The crafts we were offered to make included: a blue and yellow megaphone with blue and yellow puffy paint, a blue and yellow friendship bracelet with blue and yellow beads, and a coaster with blue and yellow paint. I believe the colors might have related to Kent State in some way.
The group dynamic was very uplifting and intense (in a good way). I met some nice, new students that are also commuters. Everyone had a great time making the crafts. It was fun to see all of the different ideas and designs that people came up with. We were a very creative bunch. The leaders of our student success series were very impresses with our creativity and focus.
I thought that the group was well led. There were seven or eight girls who were the leaders and each person was extremely nice. They would come around to us periodically and small talk with us. They gave us our space though, so we could have room to do what we wanted. There was not really any direction or rules. (except to have fun of course)
This experience was valuable to me because I feel more welcomed now. I can go to the nest (on the third floor of the student center) to relax and feel peaceful. It is a great place for commuters to get information about different and important events. I am really glad that I picked this student success series to go to. It fit was I was looking for.


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