My Money Trap Trick

My personal financial traps are art supplies and food. Two of the most important things in my life. I love all kinds of art supplies and I constantly convince myself that I need them. Very rarely do I actually “need” them. I mostly just want something new to entertain myself. I am also always buying food. A drink from Starbucks here. A bag of chips there, some sushi, salad, fries; it just ends up adding up.

My laziness makes it hard to track my money. Recently, I have been saving all of my receipts. I do not necessarily total up my spendings, let alone look back at my receipts. I do save them though in case I need them again. I always have money on me just in case there is an emergency. It is really hard to save that money for emergencies though. It is too convenient for my habits to re- appear.

Some tricks I have learned to cope with these and other financial risks are coupons, gift cards, groupons, clearance, and sales. These are all such good and easy ways to help save money. Since I still live at home, I personally do not use coupons for grocery shopping, but I do use them when I go out to eat. My friends and I went out a lot in the past. Because money is tight for me right now, we have gone out less and less. When we do go out, we use coupons, groupons, and gift cards. I pack my lunch every day which helps a lot. Clearance aisles and the dollar store have become my best friends. You can save so much money this way.

These money saving ideas came from my mom and grandma. The are huge savers! They wait for the price to go as low as it can and then whip out their coupons to save so much money! My grandma bought a 600 dollar washing machine for 400 dollars! Amazing! I look up to them and respect their values and ideas.

I will always have challenges seeing these ideas through. It is so much easier to spend than to use my brain and save. I am trying, and slowly I think I am getting the hang of it.


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