Majestic Zoo.. The Elaborate Craziness

This was an intense project. Majestic? Zoo? Group? Together? Why????!!!! Going into this project, I figured it would be annoying and stressful. Little did I know that the planning would be just as stressful! Everyone had so many ideas. Some were amazing, some stupid, some boring, some intricate, and some thoughtful. It took three class periods to finally come up with a set goal and a set composition.

In the beginning, we broke into throne, peacock/animals, or column groups and had to research and sketch ideas. I chose throne. I thought this would be a good topic for me because thrones are royal, elegant and powerful. These words describe majestic(which as the point). I drew up a lot of different sketches. I couldn’t decide on which details I liked the most. I might have gone a little overboard on the detail though.




When everyone came together to show what they sketched, everyone seemed to be in agreement. We wanted elegance and royalty. We then decided to officially do the peacock and no other animals. The zoo was supposed to be represented, not exact. We also decided to make a welcome gate with four columns. Once all of this was decided, we broke into our topic groups again and and made 3D versions of our drawings. I made a medium size throne. I made it on the small size because I didn’t think that we would have enough time to make life-size versions (I was wrong). It still turned out good. My cat photobombed the picture…



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