Finally Building Our Environment

After a small discussion about the 3D versions, we broke out into our official life size groups. I was in the platform group. Our big problem was making the platform sturdy and strongly structural. Our platform was the base! It had to be able to hold weight! The peacock and throne needed to safely sit on it. Our group was also in charge of the stairs that led up to the main platform. Originally there was going to be eight stairs but when we put them up to the main platform, we realized that there only needed to be two. We hardly got any work done on Thursday so we met up on Friday! Even though we worked three to four hours, we still only accomplished little. So we met up again on Saturday. The top of the platform was really ugly because we had to piece the cardboard together in a rough way. The idea was to cut out squares to put on the whole top to make it look like a checkerboard. Once they were all placed, the whole thing seemed to come together. The stairs took quite a while to make as well. They had a lot of structure to them too. They were added on last. For the most part, I think we did craftsmanship very well.






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