Gallery Review (5 Sketches)

I thought that the new gallery in the art building is both improved and lacking from last month’s. I think that it has improved because there is more color. It gives your eye something visually interesting to look at. It is lacking because the subject is boring. Sometimes abstract art can be amazingly detailed and other times, like this, it can be very geometrically boring. I am glad that I got to study the pieces a little more in depth.

Marthe Keller
Mrs. Sanders FW 413:5
Acrylic on linen


Cecily Kahn
Gouache and pencil on paper


Ankle G. Hill
Acrylic on canvas


Stephen Westfall
Oil and alkyd on canvas


Manfred Mohr
Pigment ink on paper




  1. lstaats2

    Hey just a small question Nicole! is there a reason that above when you typing ‘lacking’ you left out the ‘c’ and left a space? I kept reading it thinking, “what the heck is ‘la king’?” I don’t know, it’s just weird that it’s missing both times!

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you Larry!!! I didn’t even realize that! Stupid auto correct…

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