How Un-Canny

I really enjoyed this project. It was fun to work with a new material and also a little dangerous. This was actually my “Plan c”. My first idea was scribbling on 6 pieces of paper. I had someone cut them up however they wanted to. From there, I traced the scribbled pieces onto cardboard and cut them out. I traced the scribbles onto the cardboard and then scored where the scribbles were. The cardboard became bendable and slightly flimsy. I put all of the pieces in a bag and when I pulled a piece out, I would glue each piece to the following piece. It looked neat when I was finished but I wanted to use a different material and get away from cardboard.
I decided to use aluminum cans. They were a new material to me, one that I haven’t worked with before. For this idea, I did a little of the same thing as before. I used 15 empty cans, crushed them up in my hands and tore them into chunks, put the pieces in a bag, pulled one out at a time, and glued the piece to the following one. I brought both of my ideas into class and we broke off into smaller groups to talk about our projects. My group said that they liked the can idea but go a step or two further. I totally agreed with them.
When I got home I got to work. I finally had a good, clear idea. I took the can sculpture apart and tore the chunks into smaller, nickel-size pieces. I put them in a bag and glued a layer of pieces onto a base and then grabbed a handful of the pieces from the bag. I dropped them onto the base and glued them where they were dropped. I kept building up and up until I got to an interesting stopping point. I am incredibly happy with the outcome and very supportive of my strategy.


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