Review of Janine Antoni: Slumber

I reviewed Janine Antoni’s artwork, “Slumber”. How interesting?!?

This took 8 days and nights. Janine slept in the Ruth F. Devereux Gallery. The set of her performance includes a bed, blanket, EEG machine, and a loom which were already installed at Mass MoCA because of the current exhibit. While she sleeps, the EEG machine records the rapid eye movements which sinc. to her dreams as she sleeps. During the day she uses the REM graph to weave the pattern into the blanket she slept under. Janine uses strips from her nightgown. She’s done this 6 other times. Each time wearing a nightgown meaningful to the venue.

My idea for the next 3D project is to not use my right hand for the next 30 days. I’ve already started and it is extremely difficult. Trying to eat a sandwich.? Not too easy… DRIVING? Actually that was easier than the sandwich. Oh the fun I’m about to have..


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