Thoughts on the 2D Final

My first idea is Disney. I’m obsessed and that’s all there is to it. I love the music, the movies, the characters, the story, the animation, the color, the action, the idea, and I love drawing the characters. I was thinking about drawing disney characters and overlapping them like Arturo Herrera does. To make it my own, I plan on focussing less on the overlapping and more on the characters. I was also thinking about painting the characters with the black ink we’ve previously used.

My next idea is cupcakes. I am also obsessed with them. I love baking them, wearing shirts of them, decorating them, looking at cook books, and smelling like them. I was thinking of finding four different pictures of cupcakes and breaking them up into geometric shapes, linear lines, figure ambiguity, and value (just like the project we did with the famous artwork). I don’t know the artist who did this but I could also look up artists who photographed or painted pictures of cupcakes.

My next idea is Christmas. I am also obsessed with this, to the extreme. I love the lights, family time, shopping, making presents, wrapping presents, baking cookies, movies, and most of all, MUSIC!!!!!! I’ve been listening to it for the past three weeks.. I was thinking about doing a Christmas collage with different textures of Christmas cd album pictures or other random Christmas objects. Arturo Herrera also does collages.

Other random things I love: cats, Harry Potter, sweaters, the “What does the fox say?” video, sushi, Starbucks, and Justin Bieber.



  1. You are my soulmate. Just saying.

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