Critique #11

Wow. Only one more critique to go. This was a quick critique today. Our homework was a self portrait in “a master’s style”. Kourtney was nice enough to give us a list of artists to choose from. I looked through the whole list and finally found one I liked. I picked Thomas Eakins. In his self portrait, he had on a black dressy shirt with a collar. His head was tilted to the side and he looked pretty serious. I mimicked his pose in my self portrait. The background was also black. We were allowed to choose any medium. Since Thomas’ background was black and so was his shirt, I figured that it wouldn’t look good if I did it in pencil. I chose charcoal instead. I did a much better job than the last time I did a self portrait. I paid more attention to my features and measured where they were. During the critique, no one talked very much. Everyone’s self portrait was “ok”. No one really stood out. (Except for Victoria’s of course because here’s looked perfect and I couldn’t stop giggling about the tentacles). You could tell that everyone is improving but no one went above and beyond what they could have. Hopefully we are saving our talent for the final and we will blow Kourtney away! 🙂


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