Concept: The Lefty Loser

For this project, we are to decide on a concept. This concept needs to be a thorough process with documentation. We looked at several artists who practiced conceptual art. When you first look at their work, you think, “Okay.Cool.” Once you read the materials and what the artist went through to get to their final outcome, you have a totally different perspective of their work. (First and Last) (Get it?)

For the past 21 days, I have not used my right hand. I am so glad this is over! Once you actually try it for yourself, you don’t realize how difficult it is. My right arm has been in a sling to make sure that I don’t use it. Each evening I wrote down on a canvas the names of everyone who asked me how my project was going, what I did to my arm, commented about my project, or referenced my arm. Once I wrote the names down, i painted over them with a thick coat of white paint. The paint has built up and you cannot tell that there are days worth of names underneath. When you first see the canvas, you don’t know what the point is. When you learn the story and hear all of the time and activity that went into it, you get a much different perspective of it.

I have documented everything for proof. I took pictures of difficult obstacles I have had to overcome, I have been journaling everyday about easy and difficult things I’ve had to overcome, and have been taking pictures of the canvas with all of the names on it each day.


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