Rules: No flat planes, no 90 degree angles, three inches by three inches.

The most difficult thing was the no flat planes rule. I did not realize how difficult this was going to be until I was actually putting my cube together. The first cube I made, I thought I was being clever by using rings as the sides of the cube. I was totally wrong. They still made flat planes on each side! DUHH! The second cube I made I understood how to put it together more. I used rounded blobby pieces to create the cube. I didn’t turn the cube at all so only one side looked good.

My cube’s strongest component are the shapes. They have no 90 degree angles so it was easy to connect the sides. They also have different curves so I could glue them at a high part or a low part and could easily solve my problems. Their curved edges give the cube a softer, flimsy, and gentle feel to it compared to the cubes with sharp triangle shapes.



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