Portfolio Reflection, End Of My First Semester

I have learned a lot about myself this semester. The biggest thing that I learned was that I knew nothing about drawing. Everything I thought I knew was wrong. I am very thankful that I had Kortney as my professor because I have learned so much.

I had never sighted or measured anything while drawing. I did not even know what that meant until this class but I sure do now. I had never put in a horizontal guideline on my paper before either. Both of these are very important tips. I have learned how to use planar analysis and how to construct the figure. I have always struggled with faces and they are very complicated for me to understand. By practicing them in and out of class many times, I have greatly improved.

I have improved through my thought processes as well. Previously, I would make something without thinking why. All of my instructors have pushed us to really think about our reasonings and concepts behind our ideas. When I have an idea for a project, I “do” something. I don’t just sit there and procrastinate anymore. I sketch or write down ideas or talk about them with people. From there I answer “why” did I choose this? How am I going to get my point across? Am I pushing myself? Could I do more? After answering these questions I go into detail on my ideas. I then start finalizing it and pick the one idea I am going to fully carry out. Originally I would have never done this. I wouldn’t have even thought about a second idea.

I have also learned that I am more excited about my projects. Now that I have begun to have a clear thought process for my work, I can map out my time, see the steps it is going to take, and look at the direction I am headed. I am beginning enjoy the critiques. At first I thought they were a waist of time and somewhat pointless. I realize now that we are able to here from other people what is and what isn’t working in our piece. I am more active in critiques now because I want to hear what other people have to say about my work.


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