Strategy description

A generative strategy is made-up, random, and a process. DADA artists are a great example of using generative strategies. They wanted to made art become non-art.

This could help you in creative practice by forcing you to do something that you do not usually do. Sometimes we get caught up in doing the same project over and over again. It gets boring looking at the same thing. Doing things completely random help you change up your style. You might even learn something new. Sometimes it helps your mind to get out of your normal rituals.

My generative strategy was taking 15 to 20 empty, aluminum cans and ripping them into nickle or quarter-sized pieces. I put the pieces into a bag. I pulled out a handful of pieces and dropped them onto a base. I glued the pieces where they lied. I then grabbed another handful of pieces and dropped them onto the other pieces. I also glued them where they lied. I continued this step until I ran out ofcan pieces. The outcome was very interesting and very eye appealing.

I am glad that the focus was random. If we werent supposed to do this based on random assignment, I do not think my piece would have been as successful.


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