Head Hunting

The person’s job I am dreaming to have is an animator’s from Disney. They are all so amazingly perfect at what they do. I first wanted to be an animator two years ago. I had always been in love with art and I had always been in love with Disney. I never put the two together until then.

When I think of animators, I think of drawing characters with multiple sheets of paper, painting background environments, and eventually putting it all on the computer to finalize it. Little did I know that five times as much work goes into animation. Until I actually researched all of the steps that go into making animated movie, I had absolutely no clue.

The first part of creating a Disney movie is starting with the story. You need a storyline, background scenes, emotions for the characters, humor, a plot line, action/suspense, and a strong ending. Quick sketches are made of the overall plan and idea. A team starts creating a storyboard and starts shooting scenes one by one. Computer animation begins but it is very rough. Editing of scripts start and a better overall idea is formed. Screenwriters are a huge part in making things run smoothly, helping the animators, and helping the director.

Creating the characters is a really big responsibility for animators. They are given quick notes and small ideas from the director. They have to come up with something with practically no direction. Visual artists create the plot, drama, mood, color, and design of the characters and sets. Technique is very important in this process. 3D models of characters and sets are built to help with movement. Animators are the ones who bring everything to life. They focus in timing, movement, and identity. These are extremely crucial in order to make a successful movie. At this time, they start cooperating with actors and the voices of the characters. It is important to understand math, geometry, shading, lighting, and anatomy. I had no idea how much non-art things you need to know for tis job.

Creating the “world” is a whole different story. Their goal is to take you somewhere new and different. They focus on wonder, emotions, environment, and theme. They want something new to challenge abilities. They have to understand movement, color, and shading of the environment to make it realistic, even though it might sometimes be made-up.

Technology is what animators lean on for help. Even though animation it is mostly based on computer technology, there is still a big part of it done with pen and paper. A lot of sketches are formed for the beginning steps and stages to understand ideas better.

I sent emails to three different resources to see if anyone would let me interview them or get me in contact with an animator. I had no luck. I am glad that I researched this information though. I learned a lot and need to do some serious note taking so I can hopefully become one of the greats.


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