Grad Showing

Abby Bolantz’s gallery was pretty odd. The odd part was that I knew exactly what her subject was about. For several years I have watched Toddlers And Tiaras. It is a show about very young girls competing fiercely against many other girls to be the pettiest and to win crowns/trophies. They have spray tans, fake nails, fake eyelashes, layers of make up, fake hair, giant hair, and thousand dollar outfits. Sometimes their parents force all of this upon them. I feel bad for the girls that don’t want to compete. It is quite barbaric if you ask me. Even though I feel this way, I still like watching the show to see how mean the little girls are and to see how competitive they can get. It is pretty interesting to see their inner monster come out.

Abby’s paintings represent the fake look of the girls. That is pretty much it. Society is terrible these days and more and more girls are putting on masks to survive in this world. Everyone thinks they need to look a certain way, which isn’t the real them, and everyone tries too hard to fit in. Looking like a Barbie doll is not the answer people! It makes me sad that they are starting girls so young act this way. What a shame. Anyways, the gallery was pretty neat and the paintings were gigantic. They really gab your attention. I am glad that she picked such a controversial subject. This subject will probably go on for many years and it will continue to be an issue that is put on the bak burner. All in all, I think she achieved her message very well.


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