Drawing; Assignment #1

Overall I am very proud of my drawing. I have come very far from last year. I didn’t even know what organizational line was when we first started. I completely understand it now. Last week during our in-class drawing, Jen told me to use more organizational line. If she didn’t mean it, she wouldn’t have said it. I made sure that I used a lot of them in my homework to show that I understood. I needed to show where those lines were coming from and they needed to be extended as proof.
My biggest challenge is always starting the drawing. I never know how big to make the first object. I always make the objects way too big, or way too small. It ends up leaving too much empty space, making my drawing very boring. I think I made the objects a little too small this time.
During the critique, someone said that I had a nice hierarchy of objects. My composition was visually interesting. For my next drawing, I need to use a better line variation and use line weight. My drawing was very one-toned. The placemat at the bottom was at a strange angle and was off proportionally, everything else looked overall correct. I also need to find more contour in the highlights and shadows to pick up the curvature of the objects. It helps show more information.


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