Assignment #4

This has been my favorite assignment so far! I enjoy drawing what I want to draw. I don’t really like being told what to draw. I am a student though and do what I a, supposed to draw. I want to be an animator for Disney or Pixar after I graduate. It is my dream and I intend to practice and set my mind to it. I love drawing Dianey characters. They are my favorite subject. The more I draw them, the more I see how the characters relate to each other. Some facial features are similar and are repeated throughout the characters. I tried to change up the subject matter and did a weird abstract drawing. I didn’t really like it so I tried to make a different one on the other side of the page. It looked a little better than the other one. I think I’ll keep to drawing Disney.


One comment

  1. I love looking at your Disney drawings that you always draw! It’s so great that someone else here wants to work for Disney as much as I do! As I always say when I see you drawings, ‘THEY ARE SO GOOD!’ Seriously, I love to watch your improvement and to see who you’re going to draw next!
    In your sketches, I see you drew Stitch! You should check out Chris Sanders is actually the artist who designed Lilo and Stitch and he works as a concept artist for Dreamworks now!
    Another artist I think you would like is Steven Thompson He works for Disney as well and his art had the cutest retro vibe to it! 😀

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