Assignment #5

This assignment was a very fun challenge. I’m not the best at doing value so I’m glad we are spending several days to focus on it. I’m also not the best at using charcoal. I prefer graphite pencils. Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever drawn with charcoal. I really impressed myself and I feel like I’m finally understanding charcoal as the material. In the homework I used both the additive and subtractive method. I thing the used of both gives the drawing a nice texture. A lot of decisions had to be made before I started the drawing. I needed to find the right object, the right material to wrap the object, the right binding material, and whether or not the object will be shown. During the critique everyone said my drawing looked “Victorian” and the fabric actually looked soft.

I loved the sketchbook assignment this week. I had so much fun with it! The drawing of the rain boot is done with conte and an eyeliner pencil. The teddy bear is drawn with a whisker from my cat(that I found on the floor. I didn’t pull it out of her face) and the medium is a mix of ink and coffee. The Starbucks cup is drawn with bread crust and the medium is blush powder, eyeshadow powder, coverup powder, and charcoal dust. The beanbag chair is drawn with a q-tip and the medium is a mix of ink and shaving cream. I also did a little cross hatching with a toothpick and ink on top. The book is done with my left hand and a pencil but I had only 2 minutes to draw it. This was a neat exercise to get your brain thinking differently and your arm moving in a new way.


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