Drawing II Midterm

For me, the midterm drawing went pretty well. I learned how to actively engage space into the drawing and focus in on the shadows of the objects to really understand the form. I was originally not going to add as much detail as I did. I planned on doing a more basic drawing. I’m glad I ended up adding all of the detail because my drawing stood out. I thought I had picked a good composition but no one really understood it. I understood it because I am used to seeing that setting everyday in my house. Once I showed everyone the picture I had taken of the setting, they got what I was going for. Someone said that I could have pushed my value scale a little more to gain more depth. I agree and wished I would have realized it before. I felt that our class was very impressive in their drawings today. We captured the purpose of a transition of space very well. Everyone brought their all and really pushed temselves. We had a thoroughly freezing critique.



  1. I agree the drawings in the Midterm critique were impressive. Although, I think the last sentence about the “freezing critique,” was more geared towards the lack of heat in the facility rather than the quality of the actual content discussed in the critique πŸ™‚

  2. There is something endearing about this drawing that is reminiscent of childhood. It’s an ordinary, everyday setting but still manages to capture an enigmatic charm. I remember during critique that as a class we had some issues delineating the spacial organization of the drawing, but otherwise I think it’s very interesting. It reminds me of American scene painting.

    Something about it reminds me of one of my favorites, Andrew Wyeth…
    He manages to make ordinary settings evoke an emotion, similar to what you did in your drawing. Nice job.

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