Assignment #7

“In the gardens”. This was a really fun project. I enjoyed putting all of my time into the drawings. We needed an observational drawing with smooth value and two experimental drawings. My observational drawing took me DAYS to draw. I wanted the detail to show through. I paid a lot of attention to the veins, spots, shapes, texture, and value change. I learned a lot about how important the shape of the leaf needs to be in order for it too read as a leaf. The most difficult part was the amount of work I took on. Since there was so much detail, I got pretty frustrated with how long the process took me. It was obviously worth it in the end because I think it turned out pretty well. In the experimental drawings I was able to let loose. I had so much focus on perfect detail in the observational drawing so I did the total opposite in the other two drawings. I used a mix of ink and charcoal in them both with big gestural marks. The drawings were a collage of two opposing plants. I ended up almost fusing the plants where you couldn’t tell what overlapped what. The sketchbook drawings helped give me ideas on what to draw, what the composition should look like, and what mediums I should use.


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