Assignment #9

This assignment wasn’t too terrible. I enjoyed the thought process that went behind the drawing. I grabbed a bunch of different foods out of my refrigerator and tested them in my sketchbook. I tried syrup, pickle juice, mustard, ketchup, blueberries, chocolate syrup, soy sauce, tooth paste, and peanut butter. The syrup, tooth paste, blueberries, and pickle juice were too light and the ketchup, mustard, and soy sauce smelled bad and I figured that they would get moldy over time. My decision came down to either peanut butter or chocolate syrup. They made the darkest mark and the most interesting marks. I chose the chocolate syrup and it ended up being really sticky. The syrup wouldn’t dry fast enough and would pick up the previous syrup to make a neat mark. I had difficulties, as usual, drawing myself. I think that I did a little better than the last time and the more I draw faces, the better I get. This project was overall pretty fun. I enjoyed the freedom to play around with expressive mark making and the material. Doing the previous sketchbook assignments earlier in the year helped with this assignment. It seemed like everyone else in our class really enjoyed this project. There were a lot of different materials used. It brought out our creativity and got our minds working outside the box.


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