Self Portrait

For this final project in the “beautiful lies” series, we are to create a self portrait. We have to choose images that we have taken and represent us in some way by creating an interesting composition. I chose images of my own artwork, my family, and friends to represent me because that is who I am. My life is made up of my loved ones and my artistic abilities. This project is still supposed to be surreal so it is okay to have crazy/ odd images. The way we intertwine the images is up to us but the main objective is for ourselves to shine through.

For my project, I plan on layering images of my own artwork onto my face along with people I love which includes friends and family. I am not planning on creating a surreal landscape because that idea does not interest me as much as the other. I want the artwork to become a part of me because it really is in a way. I might have the images of my family behind me if I decide not to morph them with the artwork images.


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