For this project we are supposed to make our own propaganda poster. I chose the category art history as my main subject. When I think of the topic art history, I immediately think of old, boring art that I learned about in lecture classes.  When I think deeper on the topic, I think of the most famous artists Michelangelo, Picasso, Cezanne and of course, Leo di Vinci. Which brings me to the subject focus of my project.

The Mona Lisa is the most well known piece of art work and the knowledge of her spans from ages 4 to 104. Everyone knows about it!! And because everyone knows about it, we assume that it is the greatest painting in the world. People wait in line for hours just to get a glance at her ugly face. Personally, I definitely do NOT think it is the greatest piece of art. The model is not that attractive, the colors are dull and boring, and the painting is very very small. There are way better artworks out there that don’t get a chance.

For my poster I am going to have the Mona Lisa be the main focus. I plan on drawing on her and typing, “THIS IS GREAT ” in huge white letters on the bottom to show that I think this is the greatest piece of art. (Not)image


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