For this project we were asked to create a propaganda poster. For my topic I chose art history. When you think of art history you immediately think of the Mona Lisa. She is the most well known painting in the world. Because she is so well known everyone assumes that she is the greatest painting ever. I however do not think that. Just because she is popular doesn’t mean she’s the best.

I made the Mona Lisa my main subject matter for my poster and put text on the bottom of the poster that reads, “THIS IS GREAT” because I’m sarcastic about this statement. I hand drew eyebrows, eyeliner, and a smirk on her face to make her look a little uneasy. She looks this way to show how uneasy I feel when I look at this painting.The color scheme is a few gross brown and yellow shades which represent the mood of her and my own mood. I ended up sticking with my original idea throughout my process and I am happy with the result.



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