Postcard Funnies

The first two pictures show what my postcard originally looked like, which was designed by me. We printed two copies of the postcard and had to switch one postcard with another person from a different class and send the other postcard through the mail to a person of our choice. The two people had to follow the directions on the back of the postcard and send it back to us. My directions stated to draw or color on my face with and drawing material and then send it back. Boy oh boy did they follow the directions!!

I am so happy that these two people really enjoyed the assignment. The joker postcard was from someone in the other class and is super creepy but I love it. The darth mal face is from the person I sent to through the mail who, by the way,  is a 10 year old boy who is obsessed with Star Wars if you couldn’t tell.

Again, I am very pleased that I actually received both postcards back and that they followed the directions to a ‘T’.


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