Self Reflection Essay

I have always wanted to be an artist, even from a very young age. Family members and friends told me that I was creative, talented, and “good” at art. Not really knowing any skills, I kept practicing stick figures and working in coloring books. My elementary, jr. high, and high school art teachers were definitely my inspirations to pursue visual art. Each one treated me different than my other classmates because I did have more talent than everyone else. I’m not trying to be boastful I just thought differently and cared more about the projects which is why my art was successful. I have had an art class or classes for the past sixteen years of my life so I have been learning and practicing all kinds of techniques and thinking of creative ways of expressing my abilities.

Mr. Basham taught me to paint from the top of the canvas to the bottom of the canvas. He taught me to also focus on color relationships of objects connecting to one another. These tools have helped me succeed and complete my paintings without using local colors. It has made me look for colors inside the local colors to form value changes between the objects. Kortney Niewierski taught me to sight and measure objects and spaces using organizational line. Before taking Drawing I, I had never heard of sighting and measuring. I am very thankful that I was taught this because I have used this tool in many of my other classes such as Drawing II and III, Painting I and II, and printmaking. Jen Collier taught me how to use time management to complete a drawing in one class period. I was never able to do this in Drawing I and I have used this helpful tool in all of my other studio classes. I no longer work at a super slow pace which is a very positive thing.

An artist from Art History II that has influenced my style of work is Paul Cezanne. I do not use his type of mark making while I paint or draw but I am intrigued by his color palette choices. I tend to use bright colors with a lot of white mixed into them, similar to how he paints. One painting of his that sticks out to me is, “Still Life With Basket of Apples”. His method behind it was to use different vantage points throughout the painting. I like how he is going outside the normal rules of perspective. This painting reminds me of almost all of our Drawing III assignments so far. We are pushed to change the size, scale, and vantage points in our drawings. This technique is something I have never played around with but really enjoy.

I have learned so much over the past two years at Kent. I will be using these techniques for years beyond. My dream is to work for Disney and Pixar as a character designer. Disney movies have always been a part of my life and throughout the years I have formed relationships and bonds with the characters and story lines. I want to be able to make someone else feel that way one day. I want them to feel connected with the emotions and lessons you can learn from a small, little character. Glen Keanne is an animator for Disney and has given life to some of my favorite characters. He has inspired me by the way he gives life to the characters. I am inspired to give emotion to my artwork as well. This has been a challenge for me but by practicing this during studio classes and in sketchbooks, I am seeing a positive difference.


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